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You can send a message to contacts within your corporate network, a Medlem af organisationsnetværk  network, or any contact with one of the following IDs: Microsoft-konto, AOL, or Yahoo!.

Do any of the following:

Send an instant message to one person

  1. Sign in to Communicator.

  2. In the Contact List window, do one of the following:

To send a message to

Do this

An existing contact who is online

Double-click the contact.

Available contacts display the ikon for tilgængelighed icon.

A person who is not in your contact list

On the Contact List window, click Send, click Other, type the person's e-mail address, and then click OK.

To add this person as a contact, click Add Contact in the conversation window.

  1. In the lower part of the conversation window, type your message, and then press ENTER.


    • You can add contacts to a conversation. However, you must start the conversation with a single contact.

    • Each message can be up to 8,000 characters long.

Add more contacts to a conversation

After you start a conversation, you can invite additional contacts to join.

  • In the samtalevindue, click Invite  Invite contact button , and then click the contact.


    • To invite a person who is not in your contact list, in the Invite list, click Other, and then type the person's e-mail address.

    • A total of 100 people, including you, can take part in a conversation.

Receive an instant message invitation

When someone sends you an instant message, an instant message alert appears in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen.

  1. Click the invitation alert.

  2. In the conversation window, type your response in the message area, and then press ENTER.

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