Sections in earlier versions of PowerPoint

Sections are a great way to organize your slides in PowerPoint. To always be able to use and view sections, create your presentation in PowerPoint 2011, and then save it in an open XML format such as .pptx.

If you use sections, avoid the following situations:

If you save as

Then open in

This occurs

.ppt, .pot, or .pps

Any version of PowerPoint

Slides appear but the sections are removed.

.pptx, .potx, or .ppsx

PowerPoint 2008 or earlier versions

Sections do not appear. However, section information is retained so that you can use sections when you open the presentation in PowerPoint 2011.

Check compatibility with earlier versions of PowerPoint

Before you save a presentation, it is a good idea to check for compatibility issues that could result, such as sections not displaying in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

  1. On the View menu, under Toolbox, click Compatibility Report.

  2. Click Check Document.

  3. In the Results list box, click a result.

    PowerPoint selects the corresponding, incompatible item in the presentation.

See also

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