Raise a number to a power

  1. On the Formulas tab, under Function, click Formula Builder.

    Fanen Formler, gruppen Funktioner

  2. In the Formula Builder, type POWER in the search box, and then double-click POWER in the list.

  3. Under Arguments, click the box next to number, and then type the number that you want to raise to a power, such as 5.

  4. Under Arguments, click the box next to power, and then type the power that you want to raise the number to.

    For example, to square the number, type 2.

  5. Press RETURN .

    If you typed 5 and 2, the result is 25.

    Tip: You can also use a ^ (carat) — the calculation operator for exponentiation — to raise a number to a power. For example, type =5^3 to calculate five cubed, which is 125.

See also

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