PivotTable styles in earlier versions of Excel

Cause: The workbook contains PivotTables that have style formatting that cannot be displayed in earlier versions of Excel.

Solution:    Remove PivotTable styles.

  1. To remove the formatting, on the Compatibility Report, in the Results box, click the Workbook contains PivotTable styles that are not available in earlier versions of Excel error message. This selects the PivotTable.

    If there are multiple PivotTables, the Results box shows an error for each PivotTable.

  2. On the PivotTable tab, under PivotTable Styles, rest your pointer on a style, and then click Nedadgående pil Mere .

    Fanen Pivottabel, gruppen Pivottabeltypografi

  3. Click Clear PivotTable Style.

    To verify that the formatting is removed, on the Compatibility Report, click Check Document or Recheck Document. The related error message disappears.

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