Installere tilføjelsesprogrammet Microsoft Office Organisationsdiagram

Organisationsdiagram is an add-in for Office programs that you can install and add to your Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Excel worksheet. There haven’t been any significant updates to this add-in since its release in PowerPoint 1995.

Bemærk:  To learn about other and better ways you can create an org chart in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Visio, see Create an org chart in Office.

  1. Luk alle Office-programmer.

  2. In Windows, click Start Knappen Start i Windows , and then click Kontrolpanel .

  3. In Control Panel, double-click Programs and Features.

    Programmer og funktioner i Kontrolpanel

    Bemærk:  If you don’t see Programs and Features in Control Panel, see Windows Help and Support.

  4. Right-click Microsoft Office 2013, and then click Change.

  5. In the Microsoft Office 2013 Setup dialog box, click Add or Remove Features, and then click Continue.

  6. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Microsoft Office folder.

  7. Click the plus sign (+) to expand the Microsoft Office PowerPoint folder.

  8. Click Tilføjelsesprogrammet Organisationsplan til Microsoft Office-programmer, and then click Run from My Computer.

    Klik på Kør fra Denne computer.

  9. Click Continue to install the add–in.

  10. Åbne tilføjelsesprogrammet Organisationsdiagram til Office

Bemærk:  You only need to install the add-in once to use it in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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