In a video call, the primary display picture switches too frequently

Cause: Communicator is receiving audio input from multiple participants at the same time.

Solution:    Minimize background noise.

A microphone can detect background noise, such as music or talking, and cause the participant with that microphone to become the aktiv højttaler in the conversation. Participants can minimize background noise by turning off music and closing doors and windows in the room.

Solution:    Use headphones instead of speakers.

Sound from external speakers can feed back into a participant's microphone and make that participant the aktiv højttaler. If feedback is a problem, the participant can use headphones instead of speakers.

Solution:    Participants can mute the microphones when they are not speaking.

Call participants can eliminate all background noise by muting their microphones when they are not speaking. To mute the microphone, click Mute  Knappen til at slå mikrofon fra .

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