Hide or show a slide

If you want to include a slide in your presentation, but you don't want it to appear during a slide show, you can hide it. For example, you can hide slides that contain supplementary information. You can also change the setting while you're giving a presentation so that the hidden slides show.

Do any of the following:

Hide a slide

  1. In the navigation pane, select the slide that you want to hide.

    How to select slides in the navigation pane

    1. On the View menu, click Normal.

    2. In the top of the navigation pane, click the Slides  Fanen Slides  tab, and then click a slide. Depending on the width of the navigation pane, you will either see the Fane med navnet Slides and Fane med navnet Disposition  named tabs or the Slides  Fanen Slides and Outline  Fanen Disposition icon tabs.

  2. On the Slide Show tab, under Set Up, click Hide Slide.

    Fanen Slideshow, gruppen Konfigurer


    1. If the slide is hidden, the hidden slide icon Ikon for skjult slide appears on the slide in the navigation pane.

    2. If you previously added slide numbering to all slides, the hidden slides are still included in the slide count.

Show a hidden slide during a presentation

  • Do one of the following:

    • If you are presenting with the full screen slide show on all monitors, go to the slide that appears before the hidden slide, and then press H .

    • If you are using presenter view, move the pointer to the bottom of the screen to access the slide navigation pane, and then click the hidden slide.

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