Have Excel complete your lists


It helps you save time and avoid mistakes when you are typing a series of information.


  1. Type the first item in the series — January, for example.

    Skriv første punkt i serien

  2. Drag the fill handle across the cells that you want to fill.

    Træk fyldhåndtaget på tværs af celler

  3. To change the way that the cells are filled, click Auto Fill Options.

    Klik på Indstillinger for Autofyld

    Tip: To repeat the word January in the cells, click Auto Fill Options > Copy Cells.


  • To have Excel automatically complete other kinds of lists, such as days of the week, start with the name of a day instead of the name of a month.

  • To create your own lists, click Excel > Preferences, and then under Formulas and Lists, click Custom Lists.

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