Find items in Outlook by doing a basic search

From the search box on the Outlook toolbar, you can do a quick search of the current folder. You can also to find text within a specific item.

Do any of the following:

Do a basic search in Outlook

You can use the search box on the toolbar to search in the current folder or view.

  1. Go to the folder or view that you want to search.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the Outlook window, enter your search word or words in the search box Outlook Search box.

    Outlook displays the search results under the Search tab.

  3. When you are done looking at the search results, on the Search tab, click Close.

    Search tab, Close


    • If you don't click Close, the Search tab remains active. The stykliste continues to show the search results, even if you click another tab, such as the Home tab.

    • An Outlook search includes the file names of attachments but not the text inside attachments.

    • To save a search as a Smart Folder, on the Search tab, click Save, and then enter a name for the Smart Folder.Search tab, Save and Advanced

Search within an item

  1. Open the item.

  2. On the Edit menu, point to Find, and then click Find.

  3. In the Find box, enter your search word or words.

    In the item, Outlook highlights the first instance of your search phrase.

    To find the next or previous instance of your search phrase, use the forward and back arrows Forward and back arrows.

    Bemærk   The keyboard shortcut for searching within an item is COMMAND+ F .

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Gælder: Outlook for Mac 2011

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