Design with Themes, Part 1: The Basics


PowerPoint-ikon Download this .pdf tutorial and learn how to use apply and customize themes.

Inside this course:

A theme is a coordinated set of fonts, colors, and visual effects. In one click, you can apply one of the dozens of built-in themes to any PowerPoint presentation. In a few more clicks, you can customize the theme, then save it and reuse it over and over.

Before you begin
1. Apply a theme
2. Explore the elements of a theme
3. Choose a different color, font, and background
4. Save your theme
5. Create a presentation that uses your theme
Quick Reference Card

Practice file

Tutorial lessons are designed to be viewed in order. Download and use this practice file for hands-on experience while taking the tutorial.

PowerPoint file Themes1.pptx (112 KB)

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