Delegate Approval Authority While Approvers Are Away

Den funktion, der er beskrevet i dette emne i Hjælp, er kun tilgængelig, hvis en af følgende versioner af både Office SharePoint Server 2007 og Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 er installeret: Kinesisk (traditionelt), kinesisk (forenklet), japansk eller koreansk.

While you as an approver are unavailable on business trips, vacation, or for any other reason, you can specify a delegated approver and delegate your approval authority to him or her to ensure fast and efficient business processes. Set up an away status and choose a delegate in the Group Approval, and the and the delegated approver is asked to approve all the documents that are assigned to you. After the delegated approver signs the document upon request, the name of the delegated approver and "Delegate Approval" is displayed on the top of the signature line, indicating delegated approval. After the approval process for the document is completed, an e-mail message summarizing the approval process is sent to all the parties involved, including you, the original approver. When you get back into the office, you can view all the approvals made by your delegated approver while you were away.

To set up your away status and choose a delegate for your approval authority, do the following:

  1. Click any folder from the folder tree on the left side of the My Approval home page.

  2. On the taskbar on the top right side of the pane, click Actions, and then click Edit my preferences.

  3. In the Delegate area, click Select next to I'm Out Of the Office and add the person you want in the box below. Click the book image icon next to display the organization chart and you can select the person you want. Click OK.

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