Change the currency symbol

  1. Select the cells.

  2. On the Format menu, click Cells.

  3. Click the Number tab.

  4. In the Category box, click Currency.

  5. On the Currency symbol pop-up menu, click the currency symbol that you want.


    • For information about how to type the euro sign (€) in a cell, see Keyboard shortcuts for the euro currency symbol.

    • If you use the euro sign (€) frequently, you can add the Euro Style  Knappen Euro-typografi button to the toolbar. For more information, see Customize toolbars and menus.

    • The regional settings for currency determine the position of the euro sign. The symbol can appear before or after the number, and there can be a space separating the symbol and the number. The regional settings also determine the decimal symbol and the thousands separator. You can control these settings by using the Mac OS X Language & Text system preferences.

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