Change the case of text in a sheet

Suppose you want to convert a list of text from uppercase to lowercase or from lowercase to proper (title or name) case to make it more readable. To change the case of text, you can use a simple formel that uses the UPPER, LOWER, or PROPER funktionen.

The following example shows the effect of each function on the text sara Davis.



=UPPER("sara Davis")


=LOWER("sara Davis")

sara davis

=PROPER("sara Davis")

Sara Davis

The "text" argument (in parentheses) refers to text enclosed in quotation marks, a formula that returns text, or a reference to a cell containing the text that you want to convert.

  1. In the sheet that contains the list of text that you want to convert, select a cell in a blank column, and then type an equal sign (=).

  2. Do one of the following:



Convert text to uppercase


Convert text to lowercase


Capitalize the first letter in a text string and convert all other letters to lowercase letters


  1. Type an opening parenthesis, select the first cell in the column that contains the text you want to convert, type a closing parenthesis, and then press RETURN .

  2. Drag the fyldhåndtag   Fyldhåndtag down the column until you have converted the full list of text.

    For example, if you are using Column B to convert 12 names that appear in Column A, drag the Fill Handle down to cell B12. The names in cells A1 through A12 now appear in column B in the case that you want.

    Bemærk: The converted text is the result of a formula that references the original text. If the original text is removed, the formula will no longer work. You can copy the converted text, and then use Paste As Values to paste it to the cells where you want it to appear. When you do this, you paste only the value, or result, of the formula—and not the formula itself.

    Replace a formula with its result

    1. Select the cell or cells that contain the formula.

    2. On the Standard toolbar, click Copy  Knappen Kopiér .

    3. On the Standard toolbar, click Paste  Knappen Sæt ind .

    4. Click the arrow next to Paste Options  Indstillinger for Sæt ind , and then click Values Only.

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