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Save diagrams to SharePoint

Visio diagrams can be viewed from SharePoint in a web browser. Diagrams that you upload to SharePoint can be viewed by anyone with permissions to the document library, even if they don’t have Visio installed.

Save the diagram as a Visio Drawing and upload it to a SharePoint document library, or use the option to save directly from Visio to SharePoint.

In a browser, drawings can still have hyperlinks, multiple pages, and other features like a standard Visio drawing, including the ability to connect to data sources.

If you published Web Drawings using Visio 2010, you might have noticed that you no longer need to save the diagram in a special Web Drawing file type now. The same file type works on the desktop and in SharePoint.

Prerequisites for publishing to view in a browser

  • Microsoft Visio Professional Edition

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server with Visio Services enabled (your server administrator must enable and configure Visio Services), or an Office 365 plan that includes Visio Services

Diagrams that are connected to data

If you create a diagram that has connections to external data sources, the connections are maintained in the browser except for some special cases.

Supported data sources

  • Excel workbooks – the workbook must be on the SharePoint site with the diagram

  • SQL Server tables and views

  • SharePoint lists

  • Recent OLEDB/ODBC drivers

Microsoft Access data source connections are broken when a diagram is published to SharePoint.

You can publish PivotDiagrams or Timeline diagrams to SharePoint, but they are disconnected from the data sources and can’t be refreshed.

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