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Enterprise Project Duration1-10 (project fields)

Data Type    Duration

Entry Type    Calculated or Entered

Description    The Enterprise Project Duration1 through Enterprise Project Duration10 fields can store any custom project duration information as defined by your project management administrator or other user with administrative permissions. These fields are then made available to all users throughout the organization.

How Calculated    Depending on how they were customized, Enterprise Project Duration fields might be defined with formulas or other conditions to display specific results.

Best Uses    You can see a list of available enterprise custom project fields and change their values as needed in the Project Information dialog box. You can also add any defined enterprise project field to a task view by adding the project summary task. This is especially useful when working with master projects and subprojects, particularly when you need to filter, sort, or group information in a table.

Example    You are the project management administrator, and you've received requests from project managers for a custom duration field to total rolled-up duration for all tasks in the project. Using the checked-out enterprise global template, you define the Enterprise Project Duration1 field for this purpose. You then check in the enterprise global template again to make the new project field available to all users.

You are a project manager and you see in the Project Information dialog box that there is a new Enterprise Project Duration field available: "Total Duration" is defined for the Enterprise Project Duration1 field. You add the project summary task to the Gantt Chart, and then add the Total Duration (Enterprise Project Duration1) field.

Remarks    Only someone with permission to save the enterprise global template (for example, your project management administrator) can check out and edit items in the enterprise global template. All users throughout the organization can then view enterprise fields that have been defined and checked in.

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